Slor Farm

Slor Farm is mainly a plantation farm. It exist for almost 60 years (First in Moshav Magshimim and later on in Moshav Beit-Elazary).

The farm specialized in growing unique fruit plantations such as: "Vered", a new species of apple, in the sixties, the first Feijoa plantation in the world, Persimmon that precedes to ripen, "Ofer" Prickly pear with only few thorns, Raspberry fruit, Jujube fruit and more.

In the garden of the farm there are tropical fruit trees such as: Karambola, Longan, Guava without seeds; Subtropical fruit trees such as: Black Sapota, Anona and more.

Ephraim Slor brought the fruit trees from his own plantation into people's gardens, by monthly publications in "Garden and landscape ", the Israeli magazine for gardening and landscape design.

Ephraim Slor, wrote (in Hebrew) about introduction of fruit trees (fitting them to the climate of Israel), about development of new species of fruit, and about fruit trees in the garden in: " Animals and Flora of Israel, volume12: " Plants and animals in the farm" ( publication of the ministry of defense) ; in "the Encyclopedia of Agriculture", third volume: "Plantations, Forestry, Flora's keeping" (publication of the Encyclopedia of Agriculture ) and in his autobiographic book :"Slower, please. Slor family following the vow"(editing by Binna Ofek)

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