Advanced Nutrition

The food we eat enables our body to establish itself, provides energy for activities, and enables growth and good health (better resistance to infections and lower risk to diseases in the future). In order to fulfill all these functions, we have to consider what food we consume.
Many diseases are caused due to continues improper nutrition: Overweight (causes the elevation of inflammation factors in the body), diabetes (harms the functioning of different limbs in the body), high blood pressure (causes heart, kidney and brain complications), blood fats (cause blood vessel and heart problems), different types of cancer, different problems in the digestive system, hepatic diseases, kidney disease and more. Therefore, the nutritional composition is important both as preventive treatment and as treatment for the different diseases. It doesn't mean that we won't be able to enjoy our food. We just have to make an intelligent choice.

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Advanced Nutrition Tips

23.71721515.63425992.small     Eat 3 meals a day

23.71721515.63425992.small    Pyramid of food

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