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G.Y. Tells about the severe inflammation in the colon (colitis), the precancerous polyps found in him and the successful Aloe – Vera treatment, which amazed the doctors (11/2010):

Eighteen months ago, a colonoscopy examination revealed a severe inflammation in the colon (colitis) and pre-cancerous polyps. The doctors said that it was necessary to cut out the large intestine which meant liquid stool. I got upset. I said it is impossible, I cannot have surgery because I have a stomach muscle problem, and due to special physical conditions, having liquid stool is not for me. The doctors suggested attaching an external bag. I did not agree to that either. A Physicians Committee decided to give up on the colon removal surgery, and instead to give me an often check up.

I turned to a Chinese medicine's physician. He recommended a strict diet, to protect the digestive system, which included, among other things, whole grain foods, bread without yeast, salmon fish, drained cabbage and carrot juice. In this diet I should have completely avoided meat. At the time, I heard of someone with a similar condition, successfully treated with Aloe. I consulted the Chinese medicine practitioner, but he warned me not to dare take Aloe-Vera.

I still decided to take the Aloe-Vera. After about 4 months of Aloe-Vera use I had a medical examination. The doctor asked me, surprised: "What have you done?" Apparently, my colon was completely clean of precancerous polyps. I took a long trip abroad and allowed myself to eat meat. I returned safe and sound. Today, I'm pretty careful about my diet (once in a while I do eat meat) and continue to drink the Aloa (reduced dose). I have no doubt: Haya Helped me!

The story of mother and daughter on breast cancer treatment with Aloe:

My mother contracted breast cancer when she was about 60. Within a few years, both her breasts were removed. They didn’t know any better in those days. After a while, small cancerous tumors began to appear. Ephraim offered her to drink the Aloe, the bitter drink. My mother used to take it with something sweet.

Since she took the drink, for about 20 years her body was free of any signs of cancer of any kind.

About two years after the death of her husband (my father), my mother at age 81 decided there was no longer a point to her life, and stopped taking the Aloe. Within a few weeks the cancer was discovered. Soon it spread all over her body, and she died a year later.

I got breast cancer when I was 50. Without hesitation, I started taking the Aloe with a large glass of water. A little bitter, but not terrible. Eight years have passed and I am living a healthy and full life, a flourishing career and waiting for grandchildren.

M.W. Decided to add the surname "Slor" to the "Aloe" plant and call the "God's Drink", as she calls it: "Slora":

Today I am slowly approaching my 80th tear. I hope to be lucid for a few more years.

I had the privilege to use the drink of the gods "Slora" and I drink it until today. A few years ago I faced surgery to remove a tumor in the abdomen, followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The liver was enlarged, swollen lymph glands in the armpits and groin. The body was swollen and the limbs extremely thin. Abdominal tumor was the size of 6 X 6.7 X 6 cm, and the "note" was said – urgent surgery, because one night I was hemorrhaging.

One day before the surgery a friend told me about Mr. Ephraim Slor and his wife. I did not think to approach. I visited so many "wonderful makers" …. My husband decided for me. We arrived, and in the yard saw an Orthodox Jew client, a glimpse of thought crossed our minds: Well, "Baba Sali of Ashkenazim". So we'll try. Actually, we met someone sympathetic. We presented documents indicating that the situation was terminal. He said that the effect will take time because not everyone is equally affected by it. This statement was no different that what we previously heard in conventional therapy. I decided to try, and the drink was "like oil in my bones". I strictly followed all the orders on when and how much to drink.

On the day of the surgery it snowed in Jerusalem. I announced that I had a cold and we postponed the surgery. We postponed and the swelling went down within two months. The doctor said that maybe we should really wait with surgery and the treatments seeing that the number of Guinea decreased from 20,000 to 16,000. After 3 months the tumor had disappeared. Today I'm on have 11,000 guineas, and without the tumor. It is true that I was impatient and when I got to 10,000 guineas, I thought there was no need for the "Slora" because the tumor disappeared. I tried, and two weeks later blood tests revealed that I went up to 11,000 guineas. Today even if they tried to convince me that "drink" could be autosuggestion, based on my personal experience: The blood tests are the proof.

I recommend for each patient to try on one condition: not to let go, even if there is no immediate benefit (this is not a pain relief pill), and follow the instructions precisely, to keep in touch with the daughter of the Slor couple who treats with Aloe. The daughter learned … and continuing researching the Aloe, for a Ph.D. at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. If there are discomfort effects, a solution is always found. The fact is that I'm still walking around, a bit slowly, but enjoying every minute.

Ch.A. Writes (11/2010) about the "medical miracle" that happened to him as a result of Aloe treatment against metastasis stomach cancer:

When I was 48 gastric cancer was discovered in my body with multiple metastases and infected glands in the stomach. I underwent six series of chemotherapy, of the eight planned. The treatments did not help, so they decided to stop them. The doctors gave up and said that I had six months to live, at most. I heard about the Slor farm Aloe and decided to try. After a month, a month and a half of drinking the Aloe extraction, there was no improvement in my situation. The blood works remained the same. I had quite given up, but Mr. Slor told me to be patient. After another month of drinking the Aloe, I had another blood test and the results showed that the cursor got down to zero. The doctor thought there was a test error, and asked to repeat it. Again, the result was – zero. The doctor took my file for a consultation in Jerusalem. My file later stated, "Medical Miracle." Since then, for many years, I make sure to drink the Aloe and my condition is great.

N.A. Writes about the successful Aloe treatment against Candida fungus, which she had suffered from for many years (10/2010)

My story begins 7 years ago when I was 23, when I had first encountered the Candida fungus, "the damn itch". During the next six years, the fungus went back and forth every 4-6 months. Last year the Candida began to appear more frequently and remained for longer periods, which harmed my normal daily routine and set me off balance every time.

Each time I used conventional treatments, whether it was candles, creams or oral pills. Last year I sometimes had to undergo a series of treatments several times until the fungus calmed down, but it always remained in the background. I realized it was no way to live and that there must be a cure.

And indeed, a friend referred me to the Slor farm Aloe. I started to drink the Aloe regularly and a week later I felt the fungus disappearing. After a month I stopped drinking the Aloe and whenever I felt an itch I drank a bit extraction and this prevented the fungus from returning. I do not know what works in this extraction but it is a miracle cure that amazed me and still amazes me.

I recommend everyone to always have a bottle or two of extraction in the freezer. You never know what you'll need it for.

A booklet issued in 1986 in memory of Leah' Ke Tadir from Kibbutz Gal – On (12/28/1918 – 19/09/1986) said: "Aloe – Vera" healing plant helps.

May 1986

Nissan Days (May) are usually days of spring. Days of hope and joys, but we are now sad. Leah'Kes condition is not particularly good and even alarming. She is taking a lot of pills, hardly talking, not paying attention to what is happening around her and doesn't watch TV broadcasts as she used to. Many visitors come to our house, both from within the Kibbutz and from outside of it and we are unable to give them the attention they deserve. Everyone finishes the visit briefly and leaves with a concerned face.

Suddenly, one Saturday, the door opens and, surprisingly, in comes her sister from "Giv'at Haim", Nava Mamlok. As usual, Nava carries packages in her hands and a faint smile on her lips. Leah'Ke, feeling her sister's presence, recovers slightly.

Nava suddenly says: "Hanina, I have important regards to send to Moti Hausman's family. Come and show me where they live".

I'm standing in the kitchen washing the dishes and preoccupied with other thoughts.

But Nava doesn't give up. "Come on, now!" She repeats her demand.

"Is it urgent?" I ask. "We'll go after I finish washing the dishes", I say.

"No!" she almost gets upset, "Come at once, it's very urgent!" "What's so urgent?" I ask. "What could happen if we go in another twenty minutes?"

She gets upset and says "Come immediately!"

"Alright then" I say, "Maya (our oldest granddaughter) will go with you".

But Nava did not agree, "I will not go with anyone else but you," she repeated her demand, "Come right away!"

I did not like her behavior and I also got a little angry but with no other choice, I removed the apron and we went out and she said: "Do you really think I was crazy to run today and deliver best regards?! Listen! In our Kibbutz there is a similar disease case like Leah'ke's illness, her condition was serious, and right here in your area is an Agronomist growing a wonder plant named "Aloe-Vera". With this plant he is curing our friend whom is also his relative.

"Did it help her?" I asked.

"Yes, definitely," she replied. "Let's go to the Agronomist and buy this medicine."

"What is Aloe-Vera? Who is Aloe-Vera?" I asked again.

"Come right away to the clinic nurse", she pulls me almost by force.

"You do not understand", I explained to her. We are "Kibbutz" members and we don't do anything and don't give any medicine without doctor's orders and without the consent of the Health Committee Coordinator. The time was 11:30. I gave up and went to nurse Mati. "It is very inconvenient hour. Today is Saturday. Perhaps the nurse is resting? Maybe she went to eat in the dining room? Maybe she went with her daughter to the children-house? Maybe and maybe …" We got to the nurse's home and I called her out. "Mati! Did you ever hear of a medicine called 'Aloe-Vera'?"

"Of course I heard about it", she said, " but HMO doesn't acknowledge it and doctors do not recommend using it."

Nava took out different notes out of her pocket and tried to convince her that this wonder plant helps, but the nurse stood her ground.

I turned to the nurse again (though I doubted the use of it) "Maybe we can use it privately?"

"Privately yes!" She said. I said: "And where will we get the money? Will you give me a car to drive to see the Agronomist"?

Nurse: "I'll give you everything, with the consent of the Coordinator of the Health Committee, of course. Even if you want to go to pray at the Wailing Wall I will give you money and a car, but at your own risk and all in the hope that Leah'ke will get better."

Two hours later, car keys were in my hands, my son David and I were in Agronomist's, Ephraim Slor's, house who lived nearby. The Agronomist was a nice man, tall, level-headed, emphasized that he was not a doctor and not a healer and does this as a person who grows different plants including this plant.

Our impression from this man was very positive. A pioneer in the field of agriculture, former Kibbutz member who did good things in this country and recently tried to save lives and to extend human life for no profit and no financial benefit. He was very familiar with this plant's growth, and knew the secret of converting the plant into a liquid material and the quantity of use in each case. From his lecture (Incidentally, in the explanation given to us, he stressed that for the explanation he does not charge and listening to it doesn't require us to buy the drug from him, which in itself costs very little) and from reading books which interested us, it turned out that "Aloe – Vera" is a desert plant, that grows throughout the country especially in the Arava – Ein Yahav, doesn't require a lot of water. It is one of the lily family, fleshy, perennial with hard spikes. Flowering is in the spring. "Vera" is a very suitable type (of "Aloe") for healing illnesses as severe as in the case of Leah'Ke. Even in ancient times humans knew how to use it for healing.

For example, Cleopatra attributed her beauty to the use of this plant.

A diary on Columbus' ship mentions the use of "Aloe". In the New Testament it was noted that Nikodmos brought Myrrh ointment and Aloe at night, to embalm the body of Christ. Aristotle persuaded Alexander the Great to conquer the island of Surakarta to obtain large quantities of the Aloe that grew there. It was a necessary means for healing the wounds of soldiers. Plenty of publications and literature was found on the subject. Some very interesting details in research, experiments, failures and successes have been published in books.

The plant has a bitter taste and to neutralize the bitterness it is better to add another liquid material to it, such as juice, black beer, etc. … We've added black beer and from the instructions given to us we used three doses a day, every dose 5cc.

July 1986

Ever since Leah'Ke received "Aloe – Vera" treatment her health significantly improved. While everyone, at the moment, knows that, complete recovery from this disease is impossible, but it can certainly stop it, moderate its pain and prolong life. People who saw Leah'Ke before and after the use of "Aloe – Vera" said that if they had been told earlier, without seeing for themselves, they would not have believed. Leah'Ke began once again to speak loudly, read newspapers and watch television. She knew every announcer and every actor by name. She baked plenty of cookies, which she then sent to friends and hospital patients.

Thawed and cleaned the refrigerator and did not agreed that someone else will do it even with her cooperation.

Once she said to friends: "The refrigerator was full of dirt and if I managed to thaw and clean it, then I'm healthy!" These words were a little annoying, because it's not a great honor to the family when the refrigerator is not clean, but on second thought I understood that the emphasis was not on the state of the refrigerator, but on the words "If I could do it then I'm healthy!" Either way this is one of the psychological problems that a care giver must take into account.

Leah'Ke was interested in everything again, read many books at an accelerated pace, including "Father of his daughter"/Yael Dayan, "Devil's Path"/Marie Wiberali, "The Milliners Beloved"/ Anne Will, "European education" Avital Inbar translated from French, etc.

These books were brought to our house by our good neighbor, Bilhah Gal, the librarian. This way three months went by and then things began to turn around.

We spoke with Ephraim Slor the Agronomist. He suggested not to stop with the Aloe – Vera but to replace the type and change the order of the daily dose: Take four times instead of three, without reducing the quantity. He even invited her to his house to see the "Aloe – Vera" in his blossoming garden. We accepted both the recommendations and the invitation.

When her condition improved, we visited his home in the Moshav where we were gladly welcome. His wife served us the finest refreshments and courteous attention. Leah'Ke, as a farmer, was very glad to see the garden of wonder-plants. We are very grateful for this nice family that gave us such vital assistance in such difficult times.

… Again recovery, but at a snail's pace. Leah'Ke could barely take care of herself, shower alone, wash her hair alone…

In an article published in "La-Isha" ("for the woman") on the growing of aloe vera (one species Aloe) it read: The scientist, Dr. Annina Yaron, who investigated the qualities of aloe vera, also participated in international conferences devoted to the plant and got back with green experiences: "At a conference held recently in Korea, which imports huge quantities of Aloe Vera, a Korean Professor, an engineering expert, excitedly said that the aloe vera saved him from skin cancer. In that conference I heard evidence of the success of the aloe vera in curing cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. There are quite a few scientific studies proving beyond doubt the positive effect of aloe vera in treating burns, infections, gum disease and side effects of radiation. I heard about cancer patients who drank aloe vera juice, along with radiation treatments and reported relief in pain and in side effects. Some doctors also believe that aloe vera has a good effect on gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers. "

Furthermore it read:

Between the proponents of aloe vera there is also a known scientist (her name is reserved in the editorial) who became ill in 1980 – with a malignant tumor in the colon. "After the operation, which removed part of my bowel, the doctors recommended chemotherapy. I knew what that meant. My mother was a cancer patient and I saw her dying. It was terrible. So I decided I did not want these treatments.

The doctors told me that without them I will not live more than 1 year. I received the verdict, and treatments, and continued to function normally. Then one day, I met a nursing home nurse, who told me about elderly cancer patients who meticulously drinking aloe vera juice daily. I decided to try. Through that friend I got to the source of Aloe Vera in Ein Yahav and ever since then I drink juice I squeeze from aloe that Shula Shaham sends me, and I feel great. The truth is, I do not know if the cancer is gone. Who knows, maybe if I stop drinking aloe the disease will return, but obviously I'm not going to stop. I am pleased with the results; I don't mind drinking aloe vera every day. "

Also Eliakim Rotenberg, a resident of Petah Tikva, had colon cancer. After surgery, which removed five inches from his intestine, he began chemotherapy. "The side effects of the treatment were difficult to bare. For three months I had to go under treatments, when between one series of treatments to the other they let me rest for a week. Before the last treatment series I broke down and decided to stop. At that time I heard the story of a scientist on the effect of aloe vera, and decided I'd rather drink aloe over chemotherapy. Since then every day I drink aloe vera that I make from leaves my son in law brings me from Ein Yahav, and a different type of aloe vera that I grow in my own courtyard. "