Prof. Dan Palavitz

Prof. Dan Palavitz provides a partial list of Aloe Patients

In 1984, Professor Dan Palavitz, Department of medicinal plants and spices, "Volcani" Institute, provided a partial list of Aloe patients, treated with the Aloe plant extract. Furthermore he described their health status.

Name (initials)(male/female) Location Disease Treatment duration – weeks Treatment outcome
M.Z. (f) Jerusalem (famous poet) Brain and lung cancer 


Improved health, overall improvement.Continues to receive radiation therapy against brain cancer.
A.(f) Haifa (Technion professor's wife)  Brain cancer


Does not receive other medication.Defined terminal.Became vegan. Showsimprovement in health.
N.L. (f) Savion Liver cancer


Went from dying to normal life activities
M.Y.(f) Kfar Aharon Gall bladder cancer


Only slight improvement.Patient terminal.Receives only Aloe.

N.H. (f)
Petach-Tiqua Lymph nodes cancer


Significant status improvement
G.F.(f) Qiuryat Motzkin Colon cancer


Improved status reported
S.S. (f) Jerusalem ?


No details
Z.H. (f) Pardes Hana Lung cancer


No details
32 year old Yad Eliahu Breast cancer


Receives Aloe together with other drugs
29 year old Breast cancer with lung metastases


Feeling better.Disappearance of lesions on the scars from the operation by applying Aloe juice.
R.V. (f)90 year old Bene Brak Lung cancer


Substantial status improvement.
38 year old Tel Aviv Uterine malignancy


Doesn't accept other treatments.
A.H. (f) A mother of the administration employee Esophageal cancer  Aloe therapy replaced strong pain medication.The pain stopped.Died because of complications due to radiation (esophageal perforation caused water infiltration into the lungs).
S.K. (m) Jerusalem Liver cancer


Hospitalized at Hadassah.No details. 

Prof. Dan Palavitz, (deceased), in his lectures at the Faculty of Agriculture (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), medicinal herbs course, spoke of a study conducted with Aloe (provided by Ephraim Slor) producing amazing positive results.

For his own reasons – Prof. Dan Palavitz did not promote this research any further.