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Haya Slor Talmon

6I was born in Kfar Saba, at my grandfathers' home – DR. Zvi Aryeh Slor, who was my obstetrician. His father came to Israel (Palestine) from the Ukraine in1861. In the beginning of the 19th century, DR. Zvi Aryeh was the doctor for all the settlements in the area, Jewish and Arab. He also worked as a doctor for several years in Morocco (Meknes & Casablanca) and even served as the personal doctor of the King. When he was in Europe, he cured a lot of people from tuberculosis (Antibiotic was not yet invented) using his knowledge and open mind. He was one of the founders of Petah-Tikva and the events of the establishment of Israel are interwoven in his life.

My parents raised me in Moshav Magshimim. My father – Ephraim Slor – dealt with agriculture his whole life. Thanks to him, all of us are farmiliar with many of the subtropical fruits sold in the markets. Behind every fruit we see, Ephraim Slor has an exciting story of acclimatization (Accommodation of the trees to the climate of Israel). For his contribution in this field, EphraimSlor received "the prize of agriculture".

My mother loved plants and flowers, and nurtured them with a great love in Moshav Magshimim, and later on in Moshav Beit-Elazary.

In the 70's my father got familiar with the plant Aloe (Aloe-vera) and its medicinal properties, which are quite known in scientific literature. For many years, while working in research, at the "Volcani" institute, in the department of Subtropic Fruits, he promoted the study of aloe, in the department of "Plants for Medicine and Flavoring".

After I graduated "Accounting and Economics" in Tel Aviv University (B.A), my father interested me in the wonderful medicinal virtues of Aloe. Instead of working in accounting, I graduated, with excellence, in Sciences of Nutrition (B.A), from the Agriculture Faculty of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. That was an amazing change that enriched my life, and filled them with real enthusiasm.

After graduating a Master in "Health Administration" (M.H.A) in Tel Aviv University, and studying Biochemistry and Nutrition for a Masters Degree, in the Agriculture Faculty of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; I began my Ph.D (Doctor) Research Study (in the Agriculture Faculty of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem) in Animals and Veterinary Sciences.

I examine the effect of Aloe extract, which is produced from plants we grow.

I am pleased to see that the extract we prepare from the Aloe has a biological activity, as seen in scientific tests, despite the difficulty in producing the Aloe extract, in a way that it will remain active and efficient.

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